CNBC says don't trade at this time.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oraclewizard77, May 15, 2012.

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    Between 9:58 am - 10:02 am. I assume this is NYT, but feel free to correct this.

    They say around this time the HFT machines are going to front run you and you could get caught by a bad price quote.
  2. Lol.. so basically don't trade 2 mins before or after a major econ release... Did they mention any other times in their infinite wisdom? 8:28-8:32 am?

    Thanks for the share though.. I just find the analysis comical to say the least.....
  3. Also probably 2:13pm-2:17pm on days where there is a Fed announcement :D

  4. Currency markets are not immune from this loss of liquidity either, however a widening of the bid/ask spread on any product is nothing nefarious, simply an increase in risk.

  5. Why wouldn't you just use limit orders?

    Sometimes a trade just isn't meant to be and at least with a limit order, you don't get a bad fill. Another trade will come along.

    In fact, I've seen research that shows traders who use limit orders are, on average, more profitable than those who use market orders. Something about the use of limit orders being indicative of more-informed traders. So, if you don't use them, you should think about whether or not your strategy could use additional refinement until you got it honed to the point where using limit orders was viable.
  6. the whole concept is absurd.

    you get a random price no matter when you trade

    cnbc are moroons
  7. I traded during that time and I made money.
  8. Blasphemy.