Cnbc says 3rd qt earnings will be good"only dn 23%"

Discussion in 'Economics' started by piggie2000, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I've been around this game along time and i have to say i've never been more confused. cnbc is saying the rally could continue with earnings only down 23%. mkts up 60% and earnings down 23% is good?i might not be the smartest guy in the room but how investors could get excited about beating such low ball est's is beyond me. this excitement is on many stocks up 5-10 fold.i have to believe something comes out of left field and kills this.
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    When they start mumbling anything to the effect of, "earnings don't matter" do not walk, do not jog, Run for the exits!

    The Fed has probably created the next stock market bubble by keeping rates artificially low for too long. Can the market endure a rate hike to maybe 0.50%? I'm gonna guess yes but what do I know, I just buy and sell the darn stuff.
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    How about they are creating the next asset bubble, all you have to do is rewind back to 2002 when rates were at historical lows, the housing bubble was created along with a commodity bubble. Same is being done again, the only way out of the recession is to create plenty of cheap liquidity with EXTREMELY low historical rates at 0%. Why an IDIOT thinks this is the way to create growth and a continued positive GDP is beyond me, where is the true organic growth going to come from. Let the markets push higher on monopoly money and cheap liquidity making the idiots think good times are here again. When the indexes drop to new lows whether next month or 5 years from now people will hopefully realize then that spending trillions of dollars in stimulus to pump up the economy is not going work.
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    Fixed for correctness. :p
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    it must mean dn 23 percent y/y for Q3? which case the market was higher than here 1 year ago not dn 60 percent from here. But I did not see the actual wording of it.
  6. People do not know much. If the dollar index is at 40 and Dow is at 19000 people will cheer that the fed and Obama got us out of the recession.