cnbc saying what Ive told you for years

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  1. the chinese are crooks, and many of their stocks are scams.

    you are financing the enemy when you buy their junk. get it. chinese junk
  2. Boy did I get taken when I was a noob at the time with those damn Chinese biotech scams. Hard but effective lessons!
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    The Chinese have very little ethical standards; look at how they treat their own people. Most of what they manufacture is either literally junk or now well manufactured. It's very sad they got their hands on Volvo. The Indians got Jaguar and Land Rover, which is depressing as well.
  4. What are you talking about? Wall St LOVES China!

    Hank Paulson made the most trips to China while he was head of Goldman Sachs and as Treasury Sec.

    It takes a while to work out a deal to sell the U.S....

    Meanwhile, Wall St can upgrade the stock of US companies who successfully arbitrage US worker pay down to the Chinese level of $1.00 a day. :D

    Except for the CEO and senior executives. :D
  5. It's true. It's also another side effect of the credit bubble bursting. i.e. we've conveniently ignored the fact that the quality of the products we buy has gone down the tubes, but most people are simply content with paying less for some piece of shit furniture or some clothes that will fall apart in less than a year. Also can't forget all of the homes that were built with supplies that were defective and will fall apart in less than a decade.

    Everything is ignored or downplayed so as to continue to great lie.