cnbc report: book on day trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gaj, Sep 13, 2007.

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    gee, successful daytraders take it as a serious career...thanks!

    most were athletes...most have discipline and flexibility.

    trader (steven ickow) on now. mainly naz, since 2000. "i watch level 2 and institutional support".

    has 240/250 positive days each year (per their question).

    focuses on a few individual stocks. "very disciplined and focused". makes 250 trades/day.

    question "does volatility make it tougher?" he gave the expected response.."august best month in 6 years".

    and she asked $$, he won't answer specifically but "good money, several hundred thousand dollars a year".

    book by boris schlossberg, _millionaire traders_.
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    should have stated - it wasn't a report, just a 3 minute interview.

    at least it wasn't two morons paid by the political parties arguing why the other guy is wrong.