CNBC Pushes to throw Americans under the bus!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by dinoman, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. dinoman


    CNBC is reporting 70% for the bill to be passed and Ignoring in most part the rest of the responsible voters.

    Nothing like supporting your companies stock price.

    Who's the next bitch to get in line? If not put your job on notice!

    I had some respect for a handful of CNBC reporters until today, now its down to one.
  2. poyayan


    rick santelli is the lone bright spot.
  3. dinoman


  4. CN-BS is the media arm of The Powers... we should not be expecting other...
  5. why because he can read from a bloomberg terminal and regurgatate?

    gotta like the chicago style though
  6. A lone voice in the wilderness. My respect for this guy grows daily. I'm surprised they haven't canned him and stuck some 23 year old girl with big hair in there.
  7. No, because he gets so damned excited about the bond markets. He is like a little kid Christmas morning about to open presents. He is like this every day. I enjoy it.