CNBC Portfolio Challenge - Ultimate Strategy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by millionaireface, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. The million dollar challenge currently has 200,000 people. There are 10 weekly winners.

    Your bids won't be executed until the close of the business day. So, it's not like you can buy at 8am & sell at 1pm. Also, it's $1 million on stocks not any other types of creative investment options can be chosen. So it's you versus the market on the stocks.

    I won the bonus challenge & recieved $1,000 for answering the questions correctly. :p
    However, I missed the 2nd question, about Heng Seng. :mad:

    I have chosen a range of stocks. But I think the best strategy after analyzing has been to select the following:
    1. High Market Capitalization
    2. High & Potential Volatility
    3. Low Share Prices

    i think the best way to go is buy one day, & sell the next morning. Buy in the afternoon & sell at the end of the day. Do this on a daily basis.

    What are some of your strategies & what have you bought?