CNBC plus streaming video problems

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  1. I subscribed to the CNBC plus streaming video service and ive been having problems that I was wondering if anyone else has or knew how to fix. I would also like to know what codec they use.

    The problem is when I go to watch videos i get a loading animation it buffers and when it starts to play there is just a black screen with audio playing.

    I do not have this problem anywhere else. Youtube and similar sites work fine. Video advertisements on the CNBC work fine.

    I have tryed the following:
    -download the latest versions of Internet explorer, Adobe flash, Windows media player
    -download all the codecs i can find
    -clear my temporary internet files cach
    -disable all antivirus; firewalls; security i can find
    -uninstall adobe flash then manually scan the registry for keys that are related to flash, delete them then reinstall flash
    -format my harddrive; reinstall windows xp media edition (or something) as oposed to xp home which i had before
    -download the latest video driver for my video card
    -screw with internet explorer options
    -using many different types and combinations of profanity including several new words modified from existing prophanity
  2. fvck CNBC
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    How much of a transmission delay is there when comparing the video feed to live tv?
  4. when i try to use firefox i get:

    Internet Explorer 6 or later with Flash 8 or later is required
    to use the CNBC Plus video player.
  5. An important think i forget to mention is that i have 2 room mates (we all share the internet), it works fine on both of their computers one has xp one has vista.
  6. WinSum


    It is about 5 second delay compared to cable for the USA Session.

    I don't know about the Asia and the Europe Session.