Cnbc Ought To Have The Orange 13,000 Banner Up As We Blow Past This Milestone!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. so long SUCKERS!!!!!
  2. You mean you're long :confused:
  3. notouch


    He needs the Dow to go down another 3000 points before he breaks even.
  4. CNBS has only "upside banners".
  5. pdwst33


    And Bob Pisani has been on the past few days blaming the short selling rules for the down market....he's unreal.
  6. bdon


    Actually Bob said yesterday that he talked to short sellers and they were all short prior to the no uptick rule, so their not to blame for all the volatility. Yeah Bob I'm sure you talked to every frickin short seller. How clueless is this nob after all those years on the floor.

    Mark Haines blamed the volatility on the no the no uptick rule.
  7. that sounds like the agenda of the specialists they're hanging around... attribute the vol to whatever rule changes have disadvantaged them in the last year
  8. pdwst33


    Bob still thinks talking to $2 brokers on the NYSE floor is actually worth something. He doesn't know the meaning of "upstairs traders."
  9. Hey Abbey, how do you feel about those market targets now?

    Maybe you shouldn`t have revised your "already" lofty year end BULLISH targets so soon.

    why you still have a job with your "market analysis" is beyond me: Let alone that your year end bonus was probably "so insane, I can`t even begin to guess b/c I am sure I will be underestimating the magnitude of said bonus, keep up the good work:)