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  1. I have always looked at the Bloomberg station as this stuffy old man's way to find out investment news while CNBC always seemed more hip and stylish. I liked the eyewitness reports from the market news and other such things.

    Now that I have watched CNBC for quite a while I have learned that the whole format seems a little bit silly and not that valuable to learning market news. Actually, if you trade based on their news you are almost assured to lose some cash. Whether it be Jim Cramer throwing chairs, the fast five, Bob Pisani or whatever reporter it maybe. Whether it be the stuffed suits who appear to pump their company, etc.

    I feel that Bloomberg is probably the better bet for someone who is more serious about investing where as CNBC may be more of a network for someone who likes to be entertained.

  2. Barron's is a very good source for news and ideas too.
  3. The more boring the financial news network, the more likely it will be useful.

    Think about it! I don't care how much of a passion you have for economics or trading, hearing rumpled old men talk about what effect the Fed's monetary policy will have on emerging market corporate bonds can only be entertaining for so long. Regardless, CNBC is pure crap, and designed to be entertainment. Watch Cramer so you can find some good stocks to fade; watch Erin Burnett because she's hot. Otherwise, turn that shit off.

    Bloomberg is useful because they bring lots of fund managers on who always have conflicting, well grounded opinions on issues.

    Are you watching financial news to hear relatively boring statistics and hear boring people tell you boring information, or to be entertained?

    Bloomberg all the way.
  4. A week ago. They were plugging Ford. One day they had a money manager on who thought it was just fine to buy into Ford in the 9s. Then Jim Cramer came on later to say that Ford was a buy at these levels.

    In the next day or so, the day came where they were going to announce the restructuring plan. Some of the plans they pre-announced. That morning the reporters were being viscious with Ford stating that the stock will come under considerable pressure. Then they bring on a money manager who said that the stock was a strong sell in the 9s.

    Ford then plummetted down to 7.8 within a day.

    I will never forget that episode where it appeared CNBC had two completely different opinions within a 48 hour period. If you jumped on the first opinion, then you would have been in some heat.
  5. Fast Money is pretty good. those guys are all traders who have made their money by trading, not by writing and talking about trading or giving advice. they have that dude Eric something from the crude oil pit - he was among the biggest traders in crude oil in the pit for a while there.
  6. Oh no my friend. Eric Bolling a few weeks ago was saying that he saw no end in site to the oil boom and all signs were pointing "bullish". He saw $100 a barrel coming. My how things change...
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    Oh man, I hate that show for the sole reason of those dumb nicknames they call each other!
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    I have been watching CNBC for 20 years and recently started using Bloomberg Radio.

    I agree what somebody said in that if I am not trading and maybe lounging and just looking to be entertained I would put CNBC on.

    If it is a serious trading I go with Bloomberg.
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    Given that the CNBC clowns are dressed up or down shills for the Street, you can probably do pretty well by doing the opposite of what they recommend.
  10. CNBC is hip & stylish? Now I've heard everything...
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