CNBC on your Car stereo

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by topguntrader, Nov 24, 2001.

  1. Private


    I have had XM Satellite radio service in my car since the day after the September launch date. The 3 available financial channels are CNBC, CNNfn, and Bloomberg. The service is great. It is not a true satellite signal. More like wireless with repeaters.
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    This looks pretty neat. Private, do you get good reception? The website makes it sound like it works anywhere in the U.S. If its like wireless though, there will be dead spots.

  3. dottom


    What kind of reception do you get in hilly areas where your FM radio reception has lots of noise?
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    The last time I checked the XM service was available in only 2 major cities in the US. The reception is basically perfect unless I drive under some bridges or other covered areas. Yet, it worked perfectly in a downtown garage under a couple tiers of steel and concrete, so you never know. This is not FM, so hills and such do not apply.