CNBC on Daytraders 6/17/03

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  1. Anyone see that segment, came on about noon time EST?

    there were some of the remaining daytraders, who actually admitted to switching over to swing/position trading.

    there was one trader named Gennady, and most others didn't identify themselves, but were profiled in the segment.

    Actually, it was a very good segment on CNBC.

    HEY, whichever shop that was,

    good for you(s) guys!!!!
  2. Yes, it's nice to see a positive angle towards what we do.

    I liked it!
  3. nitro


    I missed it!

    I usually have Bloomberg on instead - too may commercials on CNBC.

    nitro :(
  4. I'm sure they will show it again, later tonight or earlier tommorow morning.
  5. maybe there will be some prop shops that don't run off swing traders. Then maybe there would be some reason to use them.

    Give me about $500,000 in buying power, let me keep 50% of the net profits, and I could swing trade for a living, no problem.
  6. yeah, that's really how/where to make consistent money in trading, and then the activity would justify the volumes needed to keep the shop doors open

  7. BITV (Bloomberg TV) is like watching a monitor and trading, just without the interactive applications ability

    Actually, this is the best news and financial channel of all the choices out there...
  8. Calibertrader, what did you think of the segment? It seemed like the first nice look at daytraders I have seen from CNBC.
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    The shop is Hold Brothers in New Jersey. They simply allow 4 to 1 buying power. You receive the same payout as if you were day trading.
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    oh, I forgot to add...they taped the segment at our office yesterday.
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