CNBC Offering Trading lessons now?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ChiBondKing, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. I thought I just saw something fly by on one of our screens here on the floor about CNBC 101 on Power Lunch.. "Tricks Of The Trade" or something like that.

    Don't tell me CNBC is going to teach people how to trade now.. this should be hilarious. :D

  2. nassau


    Yes, you just hearing about it now.

    It's called Mad Money starring Cramer.:D

    If you search deep you will notice that Goldman Sach's and companies must also follow the show (or own it?) as they are major shareholders in a lot of the stocks he pumps. Oh wait, I forgot he is/was an employee of theirs.
    Maybe that's one of the reasons they beat expectations???

    Pump and dump and ride as ET posters say their wave.
    free money and yes the course is free

  3. LOL..Not my Jimmy... I thought they contained him to primetime (with the exception of the STOP TRADING segment)... Jim telling someone to stop? HAHAHAHAH :D
  4. I wouldn't be suprised if they somehow blend Trading 101 in with Ron Insana's new financial newsletter.

    I thought it was rather odd of NBC to state that he's becoming an analyst and starting his own newletter without them having some vested interest in it. So I can see the TV being a "hook" to get people into the newsletter, which then helps CNBC TV fight off competitors like forthcoming FOX Business channel.
    ie. you become more dependent on them.
  5. I hear Cramer is putting out a service telling you what stock he's gonna mention that night.

    First 1,000,000 subscribers only.
  6. The stocks he's going to mention? I wonder if he'll tell whether he's going to pump the stock or trash it.
  7. ==============
    C-Bond King;
    Sounds like somewhat of same pattern of Jim Cramer/ Usually catch something of his by end of day.

    That might be a tough market, most brokers give away free educational info/charts, as does BOT,CME

    Dont have much time to wach CNBC;
    but Art Cashin @ CNBC midday usually is helpful.:cool:
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    When I saw ytour post, I thought they were doing an expose of traders who used hookers!

  9. this is another indication that the mkt has topped.
  10. All they'd have to do is go to Scores over on the west side.. or Stiletto's up in midtown :D

    "tricks" of the "trade"


    ok, i'll get my mind out of the gutter
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