CNBC Needs To Be Investigated

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  1. I see a direct conflict of interest in them continuing to pump General Electric on a daily basis. If you were watching earlier this morning you would have seen Kudlow give Faber a thumbs up after Faber pumped the stock. Kudlow didn't know he was on live when he was thanking Faber. Once he realized, he snapped around and acted like he wasn't doing anything.

    What makes them so special to sit around and be able to pump the stock they hold in their retirement accounts?
  2. it's obviously not working:p
  3. This CNBC?


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  4. Great Post!

    Sometimes the best truth is the truth presented with both humor and wit.
  5. Working for CNBC would be stock_turd3r's dream job! :D
  6. dsq


    holy fck that daily skit was funny and salient...
    a good summary of wall st. in general.
  7. Thanks ByLoSellHi...that was a classic.

    John Stewart for President.

    But really, I always thought CNBC was full of a bunch of assholes that step on each other's feet to tickle the balls of those on wall street over main street....CNBC is the laughing-stock of real americans.
  8. CNBC, or better described as CN-BS, is the media arm of The Powers...

    Have a skeptical view of anything they broadcast...
  9. With Kudlow that balls tickling thing isn't a metaphor ...cartoon buzzard that he is.
  10. If you watch the video, make sure you at least watch from the 03:07 mark on - that's when it gets really good.
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