Cnbc, Mindless Mush For The Sheeople

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  1. Today, I actually watched CNBC. First time in years. I have Bloomberg TV at home and in our office.

    I can't understand how CNBC has any respect. More clowns than a circus. But then again, the sheeople watch Reality TV, so it should not be surprising.

    CNBC reminds me of "Action News at 9.

    I did catch Faber, who might be the only one to watch on that channel..
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    Ahhh I knew it was time for another CNBC thread. :)

    Yeah, CNBC is less business television and more business infotainment for the sheeple. From the Octabox (8 talking heads on-screen) to sensational sound effects and graphics to noise, shouting, desire for confontation, and the always whining Dennis Neale, CNBC is an ego trip for executives and analysts appearing on it, but IMHO death to everyone else thinking of using them as a source of serious, useful investing information.[1]

    I catch 20-30m of Bloomberg over breakfast, and might surf through 5-10m at night to see what Asia's doing. CNBC? Rarely do I catch it during the day, except possibly the first segment of 'Fast Money' to get a bravado-filled recap of the day's action while I'm making dinner. But for me, Bloomberg's FAR FAR FAR more useful, reliable, and informative than CNBC. But during the day this past year, the TV is *off* and my trading's improved significantly as a result.

    For news - be it current events or finance - I want the INFO and ANALYSIS, pure and simple....without special effects, cheerleading, and shoutfests and other CNBC-ification.

    [1] - Other than CNBC's Rick Santelli at the CME. If he would only move to Bloomberg I'd have no reason to even surf through CNBC anymore. He makes sense, is enthusiastic about what he covers, very knowledgable, and is not afraid to call "bull!" on his colleagues -- ie, Liesman, Cramer, Pisani -- when he has to.
  3. Like I've always said, the more time you spend listening to the financial news, the worse your trading results will be

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