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    Here's the issue cnbc this is the second time iv participated in your lil challenge's i ranked pretty high the last time in lil jimmy's contest ...
    the first i said, ahh f it i dont understand your set up.. this artificial system ..
    This time i did it your way and i return to my portfolio of one yes only one single trade one single trade in my portfolio .. just one ,, just one .. effecting my common sense this fucking mu stock is to fucking low strategy .
    to find that you have vacated that . if you had not vacated that one single trade id be most likely at the top of your leader board ... again .....
    Once again cnbc you fail at this
    Bottom line my call wins i didnt use all 900 k at first my line was 4.85
    id win at least a weekly board right? yeah i looked i would and most likely the overall as well
    cnbc you are phale besides a few anchors that actually care about trading for real i know whom they are.....\
    your network is shit
    fuck off and die already ..