CNBC Million Dollar contest

Discussion in 'Trading' started by millionaire7, May 9, 2008.

  1. What you guys think are the best stocks to trade for CNBC contest.

    Shorting, Options and futures are not allowed, right?

  2. rickf


    How about dividing your portfolio equally on a few UltraShort ETFs and then short 100K of the USD versus the CHF? :)
  3. Also some oil etf?
  4. Dividing equally? You are supposed to make all or nothing bets to have a shot at this stupid contest. You never trade like that in the real world.
  5. go long oil...throw in some tech, metals, and a few ags (soybeans, wheat, corn) into the mix.

    Or take the opposite position of whatever Cramer suggests.
  6. from what i understand, the stock portion is long only, no bonds, options or etfs. only 25% of your equity can be established in any one position.
  7. it is a big fat waste of time

    cheaters ruin it

    thats why you have 10 'job blows' from Altanta who are up 100% after the first 2 weeks