CNBC Michelle Caruso Showin Boobies

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  1. If you're having a tough trading day and need a pick me up. Flick on CNBC she's got the top down again. She really gets off on showing her boobage. NICE!!!!
  2. The internet is full of much hotter, much more naked chicks than her. If someone is really bored, there are better choices than CNBC :D
  3. quit jerking off get a LIVE GF
  4. She adds a little energy to my trading day she just loves showing off her cleavage and squeezing that rack together and making it swell out the top.... now that's Great you can maybe get some financial why go any where else?
  5. you got a mouse in each hand you: wanker

    look me ma i'm ambidextrous!
  6. dude you shouldn't're jerking off to dylan radigan and bob

  7. Oooooh YEAH! Did you just hear Michelle say, "I'll get the whip cream".....That just upped her hottness a few points .....:D :D :D :D

    That and Michelle Brennan in that polk a dot little girls dress......
  8. Wommen TOO are sexullay attracted to men with power and staure..
  9. Will a resident egg head please posts some pics. I'd do it but the wife keeps close tabs of my saved pics.
  10. I can't believe anyone thinks she's attractive.

    She has a crooked smile, and looks like a guy for G_d's sake.

    This anchor is attractive:

    That's Lauren Jones, bitches!


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