CNBC Mark Haines Dies 5/24/11

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  2. whoa, he was a great journalist and a good man.

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    unfortunate, one of the good cnbc anchors.

    didn't take junk from anyone. killed people of either political party / belief / ceos if they came on to be interviewed, and refused to answer questions with standard runarounds.

    there aren't many people who, if they left cnbc, would leave a professional void on that network. haines is one of them.

    edit: and as opposed to others on the network, he generally would know when sentiment swung too far one way or the other. never in the "buy buy buy" screaming that goes on cnbc 24/7, but in a more understated manner. same with selling...

    and wonder if the "abby joseph cohen wouldn't speak with haines" stories will reappear, from the early 2000s..
  4. i don't enjoy many journalists- they're nothing more than script reading talking heads in most cases.

    i really enjoyed Mark Haines. he made me laugh more times than i can count and his bullshit meter was well calibrated and he refused to listen to complete shit from someone he was interviewing.

    when i hear a public personality dies i will think 'that's too bad' and sometimes a bit shocked if it's someone young. usually not genuinely sad. but, in this case, i'm sad.

    condolences to his family, friends and to everyone who will miss his presence on tv...
  5. damn was it the cheetos?
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    That's a real loss, he was one of my favorite 3 cnbc commentators, always seemed like a nice guy, sharp wit, interesting to watch. He was one of the few really good people in the industry, I'll miss seeing him.
  7. god bless mark haines

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  8. better be careful you are almost as fat as he is. Turn vegetarian no more burgers for you

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    I had a lot more respect for Mark after that interview. The last couple years he was at the pinnacle of his game.

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