CNBC Maria Bartiromo's Exclusive Interview with Gov. Sarah Palin

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    I urge everyone to get a chance to see and hear Maria's interview with Gov. Sarah Palin on CNBC.

    Excellent interview! What I take away from the interview is that Gov. Palin is a very smart,intelligent, and knowledgable women, who feels passionate about Alaska, the Alaskan people, and the opportunities available in Alaska to develop their natural resources for the benefit of Alaska and the America people.

  2. how smart, intelligent and knowledgeable can a creationist be?

    John McCain's vice-presidential pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is an evangelical Protestant with a strong record of opposition to abortion and an openness to teaching creationism in the public schools
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    Did you see and hear the interview with Maria?

    No you didn't. A rational objective person would clearly see that Gov. Sarah Palin is indeed a smart, intelligent and knowlegable women with reagrd to the subject matter covered in the Interview!

    Hint: Interview was about Energy!

  4. You are pretty much a douchbag.
  5. Apparently (and I haven't heard this from her, just hearsay) the Governor feels that if a 14-year-old child is gang-raped, and becomes pregnant, the child should be forced by law to carry the pregnancy to term.

    Similarly, the Governor allegedly thinks that if a 45 year-old man rapes his 15 year-old daughter and the daughter becomes pregnant, doctors should not allow the child the option of medical termination of the pregnancy.

    I know that it's hard to believe someone so seemingly normal could hold such barbaric views. After all, she's just a soccer mom, not a moral monster. Again, I have not heard her say that these things are true. They're just rumours. We shall see if they turn out to be true.
  6. she might know a little about alaskan energy but a rational person would ask the question. do we want a woman a heartbeat of a 72 year old man with cancer away from being president who thinks some grey haired old deity in the sky made the world 6000 years ago by magic and wants to teach such nonsense in the public schools?
    to believe in creationism you have to be willfully ignorant. how intelligent can a willfully ignorant person be?
  7. It could be argued that something happen to humans from 10,000BC to 3,000BC.

    It that time period Humans reach a level of knowledge the once and for all seperated us from the animal world.

    We formed political units, city-states, a written language, laws, orginized religon, Arts, culture.

    Quite a step forward in a short period of time...was it divine?
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  9. What is this crap? If you've got an argument, make it. You show yourself to be an ignorant, unthinking fool.

    "Gee. I disagree with this guy. It takes too long to compose a thoughtful, thinking piece. Got it!!!! "Douchebag!!!!

    Grow up, or get lost.
  10. Well, yes! Me forget. The biggest one of all. Thanks.

    To bad the creation people won't make this case. The gift of human thought and conscientious. This was the divine intervention that could have happened from that time frame

    Instead they argue for the physical creation of the world in that time period
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