CNBC making me sick today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. They are just completely ignoring the negative news today and trying to act cheery. How many time over the last hour have they said, "the market isn't deterioriating" as their Dow ticker shows otherwise. Why didn't they report on the Dow breaking to new lows as it happened? What happened to their big story on the first IPO in three months? How about GS tanking, GM going under $2, GMAC filing to become a bank, and C falling double digits AGAIN?
  2. Turn it off you nitwit!
  3. :D
  4. Can't remember the last time I watched that show.

    It's nauseating.
  5. DonKee


    Maybe a better question would be

    Why do you care?

    While you're answering that, I'll ask myself

    Why did I respond to this stupid thread?
  6. I think they should do a long story on government market manipulation.
  7. Lucrum


    I think they should copy Naked
  8. I agree, maybe some tits would make the market move higher.
  9. yeah!
  10. How about fast money? Without Najarian's help I'll never be able to read the options activity that only he and a couple hundred thousand viewers know about.
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