CNBC live on internet somewhere?

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  1. I checked their home page and didn't see anything.

    I would like to watch CNBC via internet, anyone have a link.

    US Version

  2. I know there used to be a feed. I wouldn't mind knowing what it is either.
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    i think it's $10/month. i subscribe for cnbc Asia and Europe. it runs about 5 seconds behind real time (when i watch US tv and compare to US internet). sometimes they have server issues, but generally ok. reality is, 'breaking news' is ignored for redundant segments, so i question why i even bother. still, about once every 6 weeks there is something useful to my trading. weighing taking the plunge and getting a bloomberg terminal so i can eliminated the background noise of cnbc anything. for US markets, cnbc does actually break news from time to time, so i would agree that it's useful if you're trading US markets.

    fyi: bloomberg streams live over the net too (free also). you'd think it would be better but, sad to say, cnbc is better (more a commentary on bloomberg tv being worthless for day trading than a thumbs up for cnbc)...
  4. If you install itunes you can subscribe to the CNBC Fast Money podcast for free. There are also some good Bloomberg podcasts available such as "On the Economy."

    These aren't live though.
  5. I am very disappointed with Bloomberg. Take tonight for example. Australian Central Bank is supposed to announce a rate cut at 230pm Sydney time (1230am et) so I tune into Bloomberg at 1220am. When I turn it on they're talking about Australian economy. Then at 1229 they go to commercial and when it comes back on they're talking about shit on the other side of the planet. As of 1235 they still have nothing on it and the website still says "might cut rates today" yet the currency is jumping all over the place.

    What good is Bloomberg? Is this an extortion attempt where "good news costs money" but "bland news is free?"

    Stick it up your ass Michael Bloomberg. Your news is trash.
  6. What good is Bloomberg? Is this an extortion attempt where "good news costs money" but "bland news is free?"

    This is the conclusion I came to also. Imo, the less the time lag the more expensive the service.
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    ammo gives you all the pertinent econ data, worlwide
  8. That's awesome. Many thanks there ammo!
  9. thinkorswim's platform streams CNBC live for free if you have an account with them.
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