CNBC live audio feed source (not cnbcplus)?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ArfdogPerson, Aug 6, 2009.

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    I am overseas, and it seems GE channels are not available via the satellite the local cable companies use (including directtv/skytv). CNBCPlus works, but can be very delayed (have seen it over a minute late, never less than 10 seconds). I am looking for any possible ideas on a live cnbc audio feed in something within the time range of 'live."

    Any ideas? I am otherwise stuck with idea of putting cable in the US on a box there and setting up a live audio-connection between there and here.
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    XM Radio has CNBC audio, if you can deal with the annoying and horribly-produced ads XM runs during commercial breaks.
  3. Thanks. Unfortunately, XM denies I can subscribe to use the service from here, and I could not get an answer on whether subscribing with a US address, I could be able to get the satellite from here (panama). I am loathe to subscribe and take the risk of no service, but will keep this in mind.

    I don't understand how satellte directed service works, and have no idea if being 1000 miles south of the US would be an issue, or if they would intentionally block me.

    edit - further reading, I seem to be just south of the area covered in this unofficial map.

    edit2 - further reading, cnbc refuses to provide a feed for audio or video. I will need to configure a box in the US with a cable connection, then find a way to auto-connect it to me here. I have heard live feed audtio pass through via aol IM voice chat, but assume there might be an easier way. Looking at how to make this as simple as possible, so secretary can just press a button when it gets thrown off or something. If anyone has any ideas, would apprec., as this is now hardware project number one.