CNBC less professional these days?

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  1. I have CNBC on during the day, just to catch wind of crazy big news events. But is it me, or have these guys just become less professional and casual over the past few years?

    It feels less like a professional news network and more like an amateur's Youtube video. I'm a little disturbed by this. I'm starting to think the disease of "wear jeans to work" has gone so mainstream that financial news networks are casual and even more lazy now.
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    it was below where a financial / trading news station should be.

    it got a LOT worse over the last few years.

    cnbc also moved away from some of the stock pickers and brought in / encouraged more politics and confrontation. stock pickers, you can point out how bad they were...politics? lots o' excuses, and even if there's a direct correlation, it's just opinion.

    i'll have cnbc on as background early. it's muted completely from 11-2, and i may raise it slightly later in the day. if cramer pumps something @230, i might fade that, or use the dow/naz to make sure my data feeds are right, but that's about it.

    (edit: btw, the stock pickers then were just as awful as now. but there were more of them, and could talk more about smaller cap stocks - giving great opps to either jump on board or fade 'em).
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    Let me explain this for you guys:

    ", they have still seen a 210% increase in viewership since the beginning of 2005. Despite the viewership slump at the turn of the decade, CNBC has remained extremely profitable: average annual revenues top $510 million while profits for the network exceeded $333 million in 2007, making CNBC a cash cow for NBC Universal and its parent company, General Electric. CNBC is the second most profitable of NBC Universal's thirteen cable channels in the United States, behind only the USA Network."

    Was it a good enough explanation? :)
  5. That doesn't address the OP's original question regarding professionalism. Yes, CNBC is more entertaining and therefore probably more profitable. TV is all about entertainment/ratings, not professionalism.
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    I am turning more and more away from television. NPR is really the only "network" I listen to anymore. If CNBC or Bloomberg is on, it is on mute, with a quick press of the button if something is of interest to me.

    As far as CNBC, if you are trading, it is imperative to have either CNBC or Bloomberg on. Not doing so is irresponsible because not knowing news can hurt you badly when trading.

    That said, CNBC has taken a turn for the worse by their incessant need to generate revenues through advertisement. I see complete and utter disrespect for a guest because they had to go to a commercial. They probably rationalize this by thinking that most people that come on these shows are self-serving to begin with, but still.

    Bloomberg is far superior in allowing deep conversations to occur and continue, and in this sense it is the thinking mans financial network, but even Bloomberg is nearly on the verge of being dominated by ads. This is no insult to the people at CNBC, who probably wish they could be allowed to be true to their journalistic vows. But they too live in the [real] world of trying to squeeze every single dime out of every single second they can from their advertisers.

    I just wish it weren't so.
  7. GET A LIVE NEWS FEED, you won't ever ever ever have to watch that crap again!


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    Quote from trader07:

    That doesn't address the OP's original question regarding professionalism.

    Yes it does and so did you with your last sentence:

    TV is all about entertainment/ratings, not professionalism.

    The same with Fox News which isn't really a news channel anyway, nevertheless it is the most watched and most profitable cabel network.

    But let's make it interesting and let's ask people who criticize CNBC:

    Let's say you are the head honcho of CNBC, what would you rather have?:

    1. A very professional network hardly breaking even.
    2. A very profitable network, no matter how it is achieved.

    Knowing that the 2 are mutually exclusive, what is your choice?
  9. so you say wan t to work on Wall Street huh ?

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Wall Street

    Is an evil establishment that consistently misleads investors ! ,,,,,,,

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    i don't know if you heard ,

    but later on today ---

    there is going to be a massive demonstration on wall street

    - thousands of people from all walk of life are going to be protesting in the streets over there

    on CNBC ,
    earlier this morning

    the leader of the demonstration who was scheduled to speak on the
    " Squawk Box " morning show and was not allowed in the building !

    What's that all about ? ............ :confused:

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