CNBC is wasting time

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alientrader, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. on stupid steroids
  2. Yeah, boring as hell, I've switched over to Colbert.
  3. cnbc sucks always has always will
    except for a very very few and we all know who they are
  4. Retired


    Where is Jim Cramer when we need him! :D

    CNBC: you are a joke.
  5. they all have it on.

    The City of Cleveland has been evicted from their homes, and they want to know what time of the day Roger Clemens scratched his ass. 2:15, btw.

    Is Waxman the ugliest mo fo that 's ever been in Congress? This is his revenge for being a dork. "I'll show those Jocks."

    My Gawd. "Revenge of the Nerds" is playing live on CNBC.
  6. So i see politicians in america are very busy indeed and are working very hard for the people
  7. you didn't get the memo..............

    ten years ago?
  8. Meiguoren


    I agree and finally changed the channel.
  9. just21


    They moved the market yesterday with the Buffet interview.
  10. the tape told the story, i don't need CNBC for that
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