CNBC is useless they are talking about digital cameras snp futs just went down 15pts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by breakin, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. breakin


    is there a reason for daytraders to watch this channel??? the market just moved like it has not moved in months and they just yapped about digital cameras and went to commercial-- you are better off having samford and son reruns playing in the background while trading
  2. You're just noticing this now??

    Columbo and Hill Street on Bravo is all you need on TV when you're trading :D
  3. my newswire is down and I'm the only guy in the office, (and I've lost the squawk) anyone have an idea what was behind that? Seeing as the spoos have recovered best I can come with is one heavy seller in a light market.
  4. 10:58 ET Hearing that bad program trade took market down
  6. Ken_DTU


    I put CNBC on "mute" back in early 2000. I watch it premkt (muted) for premkt futs numbers and gap stocks on the ticker, that's it, then click off at 9:30am.

    All I want is price info and gaps. No talking heads/entertainment needed. Though maria still looks ok after all these years lol.
  7. i could not agree more. what a joke. i pretty much don't watch it anyway, unless there's major market news. well i put it on today to see if they would talk about the big drop, and sadly, they didn't even mention it. what a bunch of crap.

  8. Tea


    You get the feeling that they are not even watching the markets.

    I stopped watching cnbc a long time ago - figured price would tell me all I need to know.
  9. The sound is always off unless I see Rick Santelli in the pits. That guy actually has some good insight. I believe he used to be a futures trader.
  10. u130747


    I saw it but Jerry Springer is on.

    Bert:D :D
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