CNBC is telling people "Everything is Spiraling Out Of Control"

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  1. The morons are trolling for ratings.
  2. Trolling means fishing with many lines or hooks. More than 2 Billion people survive from fishing. So trolling is the most important occupation and business in the world.

    If you post an online poll then majority of people will say "Google trolls the web".

    So all search engines trolls the web or internet. Without search engines there will be no internet traffic.

    Basically without trolling there will be no internet traffic. Think about it.

    Why do some forum members get banned and the reason given "trolling"?

    Troll means fish by drawing bait along in water. Read original English Dictionary.

    Troll also means sing in carefree spirit.

    There are only 2 meanings for troll. 1) Fishing and 2) Sing carefree.

    Google crawls the web for information. Forum members also crawls the web for information.

    What is the difference between Google and Forum members?

    Internet survives from crawling and trolling. Excellent.

    Forum members also search for information in forums and also share information. Why are some forum members termed as "trolls"?

    Forum members must also be known as "crawlers" because they crawl the internet for information.

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  3. That quote took a lot of effort.

  4. Buy when there is blood in the street.

    Crazy, turrible, knuckehead turrible.

    Fake out, fade it.
  5. “Major Crash” Coming for Stocks. DOW 3300: Harry Dent

    The good news, for those long, is Dent predicts the Dow will trade as high as 13,200 by mid-summer and the S&P 500 as high as 1430, or more-than 7% above current levels. The bad news is "then we could see another major crash," Dent says, forecasting the Dow could trade as low as 3300 in a worst-case scenario. "Bubbles go back to where they started or a little lower," he says. "The stock market bubble started at (Dow) 3800 in late 1994."

    Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Fleeing Market
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    one day's action is not blood in the street.
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    CNBC has nothing to do with this tape acting the way it is. All the media does is react. It is heavy distribution from large entities. Plan accordingly.
  8. No one is saying they caused the tape today.

    Telling tonight Mr & Mrs John Q Public who work full time jobs at the local factory that "Everything is Out Of Control" is just plain out scaring people for ratings.

    That's wrong.
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