CNBC is now a corporate shill

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  1. good for nothing mouthpiece of multinational corporate misinformation and spreading BS. I will fade every single suggestion, hint or idea coming from these talking heads from now on. Watch for my new journal.
  2. Dont fight them, you will lose. At a minimum it will put doubt into every trade you do. For example, if they say Ebay is down big, How do you buy it? If they spin something are always fighting them and that is not worth it.

    As a side note: Does everyone agree that Motley Fool is the biggest piece of crap site and research product out there?

    I mean they call more bottoms and tops in stocks than even CNBC.
  3. I can't stand the new format. I have a nasty cold here in california and I woke up early 4:30 am and turned the TV on and i almost puked. I hardly ever watch them but i used to watch the old fin. channel before. Now I watch Bloomberg at work if I can.
    Oh the Fools; a bunch of retards for retards (who pay money) for that "service"
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    The only reason to watch CNBC:
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    Yeah baby!

    Used to drive me crazy when she talked about the "crack spread"!
  6. I agree , they had a guy from the "Center for consumer freedom" or something advocating freedom of advertising for corporations of course, what a bunch of lies

    Becky is cute but I have always found her voice annoying
  7. She did an interview with NICK ECONOMIDES for something related to some business school.

    That would be crazy if Mr. ECONOMIDES is actually an ECONOMICS major.
  8. Only newbies watch CNBC.
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    Yea, I quit watching when Alexis Glick left. :D
  10. whats wrong with cnbc? good for a lil overview of all the lemmings

    then you have cramer. pig noises, arms flapping around, mooing, etc. its like the comedy network and once every 3 weeks he says something mildy intelligent. kinda like hearing your pet parrot say 'f you' for the first time.
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