CNBC is facing scary times

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  1. If I see Bill O'reilly's face, on there, you can count me out, otherwise I look forward to it.
  2. Yeah....competition in the market...!

  3. I bet fox will have hotter babes! :p
  4. I wonder if Fox's recognized tradition of objective news reporting will carry over to their business channel.
  5. Alexis Glick's market savviness on FOX will shred CNBC's eye candies to pieces.
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    how many more cheerleaders do we need?

  7. If all financial market-reporting channels went off the air forever, all traders would make a lot more money over the course of time :D
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    Of this there is little doubt.
  9. If they are going to differentiate, they need actionable news. They need a resident technician, a good fundie guy. They have to come up with stuff worth your time. The audience is small to begin with, so trying to appeal to everybody is a waste of time. I don't think they can do it. I keep the TV off unless a good sports event is on. Can't say I've missed anything.

    do you remember how they were all so smug, CNBC guys, in the day? Now, Haines has about as much exposure as Mother Theresa on a winter's day, Ted David is gone, etc. Dont' need personalities. you need money making action ideas. And big jugs. Don't forget jugs.

    BTW. Fox has a bombshell on yesterday with a Klayman turtle neck w/ all the trimmin's. She actually said, "Charles Joo Gaulle" national airport. Oh well.
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