CNBC Ignorance shows. NO FREE LUNCH!!!

Discussion in 'Options' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. They say you can get free insurance by buying intel and using the dividend to pay for the cost the put.

    BTW: I guess they do no know this but the dividend is priced into the price of the put.

    There is no free lunch.
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    I think you're missing the true absurdity of their brain fart. The dividend is your own stock money. On ex-div, they give you XX cents of div and take away XX cents from the price of the stock.

    It's not even a wash because there are extra commissions and more slippage. If that's the position they want, just buy the equiv call instead of misleading peeps.

    Watching the Playboy channel instead of CNBC would give you a better idea of what's going up and down :)
  3. Ever since they became the Fox news of financial commentary I stopped watching them. I guess it started about a year ago when things changed. I watched less and less and less. I ended up still watching Squawk on the Street with Mark Haynes, but when he died and the new lineup was announced I called it cold turkey.

    I will illustrate the lunacy. Squawk on the street recently had a poll on what is your biggest concern. The poll as I consistently followed showed the upcoming debt vote. What did CNBC talk about? The EURO! They just kept blabbing blabbing...

    But you know where CNBC REALLY jumped the shark? I have a defining moment. When that Spanish woman was commenting on the Greek crisis in her tucked away corner wearing plastic glasses to avoid getting hit by shrapnel. That was the jump the shark moment...

    I have been consistently watching Bloomberg for about 6 months. Nice programming...