CNBC: If I hear the word "Dow" one more time....

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Rearden Metal, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. Ok, if I hear the fucking word "Dow" one more time, I swear, someone's going to get bitch-slapped. This is beyond retarded.
  2. I dowt it.:D
  3. I concur. I don't know which is worse: CNBC pumping Dow or seeing yet another "This is the market top or I'm leaving ET" thread. Is it just me or whenever the market shows some weakness there's an inevitable chime with a breaking news sign that says the Dow is at an all time high, followed by a random talking head at the desk cheerleading mindlessly about the said fact and then the market resumes its grinding up yet again? And where the heck is Pisani? Even he was carping that the mood on the NYSE floor seemed to be getting "a bit complacent" about two weeks ago, and I haven't seen him since!!!
  4. Easy cure for ya, <b>Reardon</b>... turn CNBC off, and never flip back to that wasteland channel again.

    Your bottom line will not change one penny for the worse, that's for sure :>)
  5. These days I just watch The Animal Planet while trading. At least their antics are cute.
  6. 99.9% of CNBC is bullshit, but the CNBC talking heads do move stocks. For instance, this morning I was holding a large position long SIGA. A discussion of this stock took place on CNBC, and this made SIGA start moving wildly. Had CNBC not been running in the background here, I would have been scrambling to figure out why the stock is suddenly making wild moves.
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  8. yeah,no kidding man............jackass Haines on the floor was wondering where the confetti was after 12k break........& he meant it......i`ve never seen such amateur behavior from a news network in my life....i`m almost embarrassed for them.
  9. Jesus Christ, these CNBC 'journalists' must all be suffering from "Dow Tourettes Syndrome".

    *Twitch... NGgggggH... Dow! Twitch! DOW DOW DOW! Yaaaaay!!*
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    Cnbc saw their pathetic 12,000 today, time to sell the markets off.
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