cnbc idiot, libyan stock mkt, shorting.

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  1. gaj


    some dopey woman is with mark haines.

    she sez about the libyan stock mkt:

    "you don't have any shorting, so you guarantee the market will go higher!"

    i have no idea how anyone that stupid is allowed on the air.

    edit: the person was rebecca jarvis.
  2. Stefo


    you do remember US had Bush for president

    you can't beat that, now way
  3. Lucrum


    CNBC has VERY low standards both for journalists and "experts" they interview.

    Twice that I know of they have interviewed a guy here in Atlanta that I personally have worked for on numerous occasions.

    I know for a fact that he has physically abused his dog. Frequently refuses to pay business partners, vendors and employees. Shouted to a black personal assistant that "he owned her". I have a pending suit against him now for money he won't pay.

    And yet he's interviewed by CNBC as a commercial real estate expert.
  4. Yeah he was such a big idiot that he fooled people into voting him as the most powerful person in the world twice.
  5. Stefo


    that tells you a lot about populace doesn't it

    speaks volumes
  6. pspr


    Right, look at the lackie they voted in this time just so they could say, "hey, were're not racist".
  7. Stefo


    At least he is not SKULL AND FU@#KING BONES

    how is the president AND member secret organization GOOD FOR YOU AS A CITIZEN

    god I'll have to give up talking to idiots on ET
  8. pspr


    Go look in the mirror you foolish asshole

  9. It's not that difficult to do when you are consistently profitable.
  10. gaj


    hey guys - there's a reason this was NOT posted under politics.

    because i didn't want politics brought into it.

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