CNBC hitting new lows

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  1. I wish Qwest would pull their heads out of their ass and get FTP like FIOS, but atleast Comcast is supposed to significantly boost their speed this year. In all honesty, I have enough speed to to day trade though with 6-8 meg down and 350k up. I will soon get DSL into a dual wan router as a back up though.
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  2. Don't bet on it. My neighbor works for Qwest. She said that's it's highly unlikely we (HR) will see fiber. To much area = too high a price to install. So if you are in a new neighborhood ie. Ridgegate in Lonetree, you get it, otherwise you are out of luck. Though, I hear they are looking at Wimax as an option.
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  3. To put it simply, CNBC is for the "investor" The buy the dip guys. Bloomberg is for the short-term trader, or day trader looking to capitalize on intra-day volatility. I like Bloomberg because they interview traders on the floor during the day in the Chicago exchanges. While CNBC never does that. However, CNBC's production is better from its' lighting, to its' quote streams, and breaking news. Bloomberg is constantly cutting off their guest for a 2 minute break it's comical. With Kudlow, you know what you're getting with him. So either you listen to it, or you don't. It's only for entertainment and education purposes; not news worthy information. Bartiloromo is annoying and her act gets old fast. I don't need an explanation for EVERY DAMN TICK! The EIA reports are released, and they feel compelled to give a reason for a meaningless 5 minute spike. :mad:

    Overall, each has its' pro's and con's. It just depends on what type of market participant you are. I lean towards Bloomberg moreso, because I get tired of people "rooting" the market on during the day. It's stupid, it reminds me of ET at times. :p
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    What time does this come?
    Available over the internet?
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    i prefer bloomberg, but in Australia they are annoying when they show Bloomberg voices, so forced to watch both.
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  7. YESSS!!!!!!!!

    I just bought a 42" Samsung LCD HDTV, and after picking up a CVR/HD box from Comcast, and after setting everything up today...

    ...I now have Bloomberg 24/7.

    It was a complete surprise to see it as I was scanning through the high 200s.

    And the picture quality on the HD stations?

    Spectacular. I watched the Master's today in HDTV, and it was incredible. HDTV on this set is Amazing. It's 1080i, so I don't know if that's why (I've heard 720 is just as good?).

    Anyways, it is great to get Bloomberg.
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    Thanks. But I get only this...

    "The page you are trying to access is limited to viewing by U.S. residents only.
    If you are a U.S. resident, please log in with your user name."

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    April 7 2007 Page Six New York Post

    Hey Now !!!


    April 7, 2007 -- MARIA Bartiromo must be a man-eating tigress in the bedroom, based on her eye-popping quotes about getting ahead in life in a new book on personal growth by veteran TV personality Bill Boggs.

    "Stamina, for me, is just coming back and coming back and doing it again and again," the steel-clawed CNBC "Money Honey" pants in "Got What It Takes?" out next week from Collins Books. Bartiromo - who weathered a flap over her rides with a male Citibank exec on the bank's corporate jet by refusing to talk about it - also shares the mental tricks she uses to stay strong. "You have to be mentally tough," she says. "You must keep the finish line in focus . . . You call it emotional endurance."
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  10. Well, if you just gotta have it, drop down to:

    "If you do not have an account, you can register for a free account.
    Register Now"

    Look at all of the countries listed in the dropdown; go for it with yours. Or, register as Unted States, and a zip code, etc., and see what happens.

    Yes, the CNBC web site software will read your IP address as outside of U.S. - if that's the case - but it still may accept you as a "Guest".

    After all, you're a friggin' trader or (at least :D) a CNBC-targeted investor, so don't take "No", or a minor "Gatekeeper's 'Halt"" from keeping you out.

    Good traders keep pushing the envelope, right? If Maria Babe's got the stamina to keep getting what she wants, there's no why reason why you or anybody else can't achieve the same. :D
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