CNBC hitting new lows

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  1. S2007S


    wait till the dow gets close to 12786, they will be out in full force all dressed up in bull uniforms.

    funny how cnbc thinks they are the #1 finance network, yet they go off the air at 9pm, bloomberg is 24/7....what a joke.
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  2. well we all sat there pissing our pants as the stocks went into meltdown,the carry trade was finished and the subprime market went to the wall.

    cnbc after the stocks plunged wheeled out every bullish pundit they could find and they all said go long.

    most of threads on elite trader on the other hand laughed our socks off at them with their pathetic bullish calls on stocks and rosy picture of the economy.

    here we are near the highs with most of us sitting here thinking how the hell did this market rally in the facy of such awful news.

    i have never seen so much bearish news hit the market and the market bounce like this.

    well done cnbc and the plunge protection team.

    i am now a fully paid member of the never let the stocks fall team.

    cnbc you are the greatest and im just a mug trader who thought he knew better.
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  3. Which slogan do you like best? :D

    "First in business worldwide"

    "America's business channel"

    "First in business worldwide, America's business channel"
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  4. Why are they doing bit by bit analysis of Chrysler? Who gives a crap?
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  5. This is possibly the only thing everybody on ET agrees with. Well, that and Liz has great knockers.:D
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  6. Surdo


    You gotta, love their priorities, without fail, they play a commercial @ 10:30 until 10:32AM ET right when EIA Crude, Nat Gas inventories are released. Why even bother watching? It's a circus.

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  7. Arnie


    I just switched to Verizon FiOS and I get CNBC, Bloomberg, CNBC Worldwide, ABC News Now, CNN World.........all included in basic service. With Comcast all I got was CNBC. And FiOS is cheaper and faster.
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  8. AC3


    They are putting the Fiber Optic line down on my block .... can't wait to throw out my cable service.........
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  9. Arnie, where do you live?

    I'd LOVE to tell Comcast to take their digital box and shove it up their ass.
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