CNBC hitting new lows

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Kicking, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. just21


    Bloomberg tv is free to air on the Sky satellite in europe. No subscription required.
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  2. They also have some of the worst interviewers on teevee. They constantly cut off the guest, say "yeah" every 2 seconds while the guest is answering, etc. Remember, they're just reading off a teleprompter and don't have any real market knowledge.
    Tune to Bloomberg for much better coverage.
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  3. greddy


    I like Fast Money too. Much better than listening to paid analysts who really can't say the truth.
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  4. no serious traders watch cnbc or fnc; watch bloomberg.
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  5. We can't get Bloomberg TV in the U.S., according to Bloomberg's website.

    Only our Canadian neighbors can.

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  6. Try this link for bloomberg. I live in the states and I am able to stream it.

    It works with windows media. I have not tried it for Real player.
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  8. Kicking,

    You might want to consider looking at getting a SlingBox (google it) if you get to missing American TV (in spite of CNBC). I've been in Paris for the past year and got one over the holidays. Not to sound like a commercial, but it's incredible.

    You can watch TV just as if you were back at your house in the U.S. - change channels and everything. It also supports DVRs (Tivo), so if you had that, you'd be able to record what you'd normally watch and watch it without having to be awake at 3am.

    Granted, it's streaming over the Internet, so the quality depends on the speed of your broadband connection. It's certainly not broadcast quality, but it's pretty damn good. Just an FYI...
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  9. CStar


    I like some of the CNBC spots but not others. The million dollar portfolio or any trading games don't interest me. There is such a psychological difference between play money and real money and who wants to be a play money investor, anyway?

    Jim Cramer was a great addition, in my opinion. When I first saw him, I turned him off, I mistook him for some screaming blow-hard. I caught him a couple of other times and it dawned on me that although his bit is to scream and act nuts, his advice is more on the money than off. He also will admit when he has been wrong.

    Larry Kudlow, I'm not a fan. I like Maria Bartiromo on Closing Bell. The guys on Street smarts remind me of the announcers on the NFL highlight shows. Good stuff but if I want sports, I'll watch sports.

    Anyway, I like some spot and don't care for others. I think that might be good for CNBC, as it gives the all-day business network enough diversity to appeal to many different viewers.

    If you can get PBS, Nightly Business Report with Paul Kangus is a great wrap-up 20-minute show in my opinion.
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  10. SteveD


    yea, the only people watching CNBC are the trading rooms, floor of NYSE, and other intelligent people....

    No one watching news: who wants to know what Bernanke said, who cares about economic numbers,

    Just check in to ET....smartest traders in the world....information!!

    They don't need no information......LOL

    It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad....

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