CNBC hitting new lows

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  1. Just subscribed to CNBC + , allowed me to
    drop my worthless cable TV subscription ( I am outside the US).
    I was shocked to see how this channel reached new levels of absolute stupidity. This show... the million dollar challenge or whatever pathetic...

    Greed TV at its best, the reflection of America's decadence and adoration of the golden calf
  2. Dumbing down = ratings up

    Those CNBC morons are really running it like an entertainment operation these days.

    Just watch Bloomberg. I get all the news I need for the day in just 15 mins.
  3. "I know you just said you wouldn't be in the stock market, but what stocks would you recommend for our viewers?"
  4. "and you see 30% upside on this stock and DJIA will go up at least 15% higher this year..."
  5. I love those talking head analysts of theirs. Kernen, Faber et al.

    Always have a piece of advice for every CEO of every stock in the Russel2000. Always a rational explanation for every $ of a price movement of every stock. All this hollow garbage that helps "explain" and justify why a stock moves one direction or another.
  6. The only show worth watching on CNBC is 'Fast Money,' and not because of the picks, but to get a pulse of popular sentiment.

    It's like going to the mall just to see what is selling.
  7. The worldwide exchange show in the middle of the night has some good info. there is definitely less garbage. Seems they have more analysts that dont work for cnbc, for some reason i feel it gives them more credibility.
  8. Woz2000

    Woz2000 when they hired that Trump girl, what's her face... Rebecca Jarvis?!

    She didn't even know what 'force majeure' was and pronounced it 'force major'. LOL.

    I doubt she has any real business or stock knowledge. Just another pretty face that they thought would get some followers.
  9. Bootsie


    one word...

  10. That's correct. Nighttime is better, and early mornings too, all EST. I guess that is because the viewers at those hours don't like being treated like cows.

    I never have it on anymore, but when I had, I switched it off about an hour before NY opened.

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