CNBC has a good person! (music)

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by gaj, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. gaj


    i've got cnbc's early show on low, not paying attention, and i hear joe kernan say something like "what was that music? two door cinema club? safe and sound?" then some blather about a different person on sound this morning.

    i don't think two door cinema has a song safe and sound - but capital cities does. in any case, both bands have some pretty good stuff out (tdcc = 1 amazing debut, 1 pretty good followup).

    then they opened the 9:00 hour with the smiths "ask".

    ok, ok, i just have music coming out of my spare pc, but it's nice to have something good to say about cnbc other than "it's better than fox, but..."
  2. Nobody with half-a-brain would ever say that.

    One more post like that and you'll join my ignore list.
  3. Damn hippies!
  4. I'm from the hippie generation, but I also recall my sage grandfather telling me, "The world doesn't owe you a living, kid.... make something of yourself."

    If Grandpa were running this country instead of Odumbo, the parasite class would get a rude awakening.
  5. gaj


    fox biz, when they came out, said their channel was aimed to people who thought cnbc was too confusing (paraphrased from memory, but related to stock charts) and advanced.

    here's one from melissa francis:
    "CNBC caters to day traders who are trading stocks from home, and Fox has more politics and more Main Street implications."

    ah, here's a partial one, but this isn't the good quote i'm vaguely remembering:
    "I'm looking for a wider audience, more people in business and on Main Street," Murdoch says, "more than people who are just watching the market all the time. It will be a real business channel - a real aspirational channel, if you will."

    so, yeah, if i'm daytrading stocks (as i am), at least cnbc isn't fox biz.

    but it's (cnbc) still pretty awful, with most people across the entire political spectrum there offering up nothing beneficial. faber, maybe, for his breaking news? i'm not caring about their politics. but what can i get to help my trading.

    at least they have someone good on the fadein's/outs now!

    np: satellite stories, kids aren't safe in the metro
  6. I doubt Fox would be more of a help to traders than any other... Fox is more/other than that. If you want help in trading, you need to try some real-time data/news service... maybe some level of Bloomberg?

    In spite of my relatives who stick their fingers in their ears while chanting, "Fox lies"... Fox is the (only?) channel which tries to report the facts... not just the "Liberal-filtered facts".

    Unfortunately for America, our Liberal Left Media is no better than Pravda...the "Official Soviet Union News" of the 1960s.

  7. gaj


    thanks - i do well trading, just always willing to learn more and since there's realtime stuff on, i'd like it to be more pertinent to trading than having a political fight. i have made some money (and saved some money) on faber breaking news before had it, and obviously the TA is low level, but at least they have that on there.

    though the obsession with AAPL is a bit annoying...
  8. Chausey


    You are so right! Jamie Dimon, Blankfein and everybody else would be begging for food right now! I might give them a job on my plantation! Somebody's gotta teach the asshole generation a thing about Capitalism.
  9. ktm


    CNBC has been better lately. They've moved off some of the dead wood and the morning crew is pretty solid. They have some decent guests and ask many pertinent questions from what I've seen.

    Every time I scroll by Fox, they have some made up bimbo that doesn't seem to know the difference between a bond and a futures contract...seems like more fluff to me.