CNBC gurus. How bad are they?

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  1. i might profile a guru every day until i get bored with it. almost every guru they have on has not made you any money. the dirty little secret is you are better off in a cd than buy and hold investing with these guys.

    today cnbc had O’Shaughnessy asset management on for advice. he sounded like a perma bull. so whats his record? here is a sample:
    3 year return=-11% 5 year return=-0.3%.
  2. they have a lot of air time to kill.

    what are they supposed to do?

    the steve cohens and ptj's of the world will never do interviews because they have more important things to do.

    So whats cnbc to do?

    well, at least they get buffet often. i'd say he knows what he's talking about.
  3. O'shah was smart enough to leave Bear Stearns before it tanked...

    But ya, I agree, they put a moron on there indefinitely (talking heads on the shows) but the real smart guys tend to get boxed into a corner every time (tell us what you are bullish about right now) - even if a guy is net short, they'll always have him cough up a long position.
  4. Other than Cashin' or Santelli they are just filler, court jesters to be laughed at. Ok when Ben is on from Traders Audio, he has some decent input.
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    They don't give Santelli enough time. Cashin has some sort of contract that states ask me a dumb question and your 45 seconds becomes 10. I would love to see more of these two but cnbc does not like people who tell it like it is.
  6. "How bad are they? "

    Not bad, in fact very good .... at talking their book. That's what it's all about, just doing whatever it takes to make more bucks.
    That's what the whole industry is about, it's what the network is about and ... hey, it's the American way!
  7. Does anyone remember Louis Crookhizer and all those clowns on that show?
  8. Cramer said buy gold it's going to 2K.

    Fingers crossed.:D
  9. Military intelligence, postal service, corporate responsibility, objective journalism.......CNBC guru. :cool:
  10. Is that really his last name, NO BS? If so that's too funny. Maybe it's karma that they run shows on white collar criminals all the time?
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