CNBC: Govt Will Not Inject $$ Into LEH

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Sep 12, 2008.

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    09:05 LEH Lehman Brothers: CNBC commentator says source say no government money in resolution of Lehman situation (4.22 ) -Update-

    Source says two things will make this deal different: 1) the market has been aware of the situation and has had time to prepare; 2)Fed's primary dealer credit facility now exists to allow for orderly process
  2. .......and a precident is set.

    After Lehman helping HF's avoid 100bb in taxes a year, along w/ the other scum, thebacklash would be huge.

    What a wild ride. Be glad you're not an investment banker. Let these assholes go out and find out how tough it is when you can't steal. Be men. Put your money up and take your chances with some real talent.
  3. CNBC have been a great source for LEH recently. They were called a "screaming buy" by Cramer last week when trading above $16. That makes him even more of a clown than Kudlow in my book. For the time being...