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Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Everyone should tune into cnbc tonight, for the next 4 hours all your going to hear are the most pathetic pieces of media entertaintment. All of them sooo surprised by this drop when in reality IT SHOULD BE NO SURPRISE TO ANYONE. This market needs more of a correction, I think a full 10-15% correction should bring buyers in.

    Its funny how they have these huge panel discussions about why the markets are falling when in reality it was right in front of them the whole time. The market was going too far too fast, the subprime market fallout should have been the first worry, which it was but after only a week it seemed to bother no one. ITs more serious then most think and I have posted numerous articles from the yen carry trade to housing foreclosures skyrocketing. So tonight tune into cnbc and watch the fools entertain you on why the market is down and when were going to 15k. Cause all they care about is the next DOW record. FOOLS
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    do we get banners when we "break" major dow points the other way too??
  3. From what I have read from many of your posts, you seem to be watching CNBC all the time.
    I'd rather do my technical work and go over my charts.

    Why anyone would watch CNBC ( or continue to waste their time ) watching CNBC is absolutely beyond me.

    Does it make you feel BETTER by doing so?
  4. Thanks so much for warning all of us, as you "cheerleaded" the last 300 points up in the Dow.
    Do you feel better now?
  5. They can't pay me enough to watch that crap.
  6. If you have to have some sort of "financial" market reporting on in the background, try Bloomberg TV.
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    tbh, i love to turn on the financial new channels on days like this. I guess its schadenfreude.

    Probably because they are such dolts when the market is on the upside.
  8. Yesterday it was like a live funeral for the bull. :D
  9. Trish


    Very funny thread. I tuned in today and noticed in the first few seconds all the sentences were doom and gloom, but they have a job and have to say SOMETHING every day! What do they care what they say as long as it is not a public panic announcement to exit trades?
  10. The only guy i pay attention to is Rick Santelli for the pit noise. Kudlow is a complete jag'off and in denial. I hope he reads this...:
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