CNBC food fight @ ~10:47ET

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by sibrag, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. sibrag


    If anyone has the food fight that took place at about 10:47, when Erin placed an M80 under Mark's ass, and he went off, with others joining in - not to same extent - it may be worth uploading it to youtube then posting the linky.

    Mark REALLY got pissed and went off for such a really benign reason. The long hours are getting to the poor ol' chap. Pop a Valium Mark, and chase it with some moonshine.
  2. Lucrum


    I saw that. He's probably long.

    BTW, 13 posts in 8 years.
    Don't start getting chatty on us.

  3. He's just frustrated looking at that ass everyday but not being able to tap it. I was thinkin he was just gonna gasta it right there.
  4. :)
  5. sibrag


    hee hee.

    1 - Mark is 100% long cash, and Erin has been ribbing him on being a chicken and not stepping in. Did so earlier - which is why I know.

    2 - Actually it should be 97 but when Baron rolled over to this forum platform, it got to 99. I am one of the original members. As for posts, a buddy lobbed me an email some years back pointing that 2-3 years after I stopped posting on ET, I was still in the top 10 posters. I simply got tired of dealing with immature tards/trolls, who had nothing to contribute, but flame up. so I simply faded into the sunset. I am not sure why I lost the number of posts I've contributed over the years. But they are all there someplace in the archive .... maybe.
  6. Someone post the link!
  7. I feel sure that he is long GE, one way or another.

    Years back, when he hosted Squawk Box, he made it clear that he had a significant holding in GE, I was assuming through pension and employment offerings.