CNBC fear mongering?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by turkeyneck, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Why are they doing this special "Wall St crisis" live show every Sunday night with live update of futures as if Black Monday is just around the corner?
  2. Maybe "someone" should turn them in by filing complaints with the SEC and FDIC and the FTP.
  3. Stosh


    TV networks go after viewers like politicians go after votes.........whatever it takes!! Stosh
  4. But how many viewers do they get when there are many better things on TV like Sunday Night Football?
  5. wjk


  6. Or preying on the pikers who are wetting their pants right now and trying to look for "answers" from them?
  7. They will broadcast live 24 hours a day now?
  8. 1)coz idiots watch it
    2)fear sells
  9. S2007S


    They should be broadcasting live 24 hours a day, funny how during times like these they extend their broadcasting hours....I still love the orange banner when the DOW was touching new 52 week highs in 2007, too funny. I laughed at it then and Im laughing at it now, dumb fools thought the good times were going to last forever.....Where are the talking heads now pumping up the market, I can name numerous fools on cnbc that said to buy after the dow dropped below 13k then 12k and eventually 11k.

    cnbc should wake the F$%k up...
  10. sprstpd


    Because GE is crapping its pants that this bill did not pass.
    #10     Sep 29, 2008