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  1. I use CNBC during the day solely for the reports from the pits and equity "floors" (not so applicable for NASDAQ). I would like to just shut off the TV altogether, but I like to know what's going on. As a result, I am looking for a net site which could substitute here. Sites like are worthless as they just give a summary of what happened, and they are wrong half the time anyway.

    I am looking for a site that lets me know what the traders in the pits are thinking at various times during the day. Any suggestions?

    I am a pure technical trader, almost. It helps my trading when I know there is a "reason" behind the move I am trading.


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  3. Thanks, but I want to kill off the TV altogether. I already look at Bloomberg also. I don't care about rumors either. I just like pit reports. Is the pit looking at certain levels? What are they worried about?

    That type of thing.

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    If you like pit reports, the closest I can think of is tuning into a squawk. There, besides just the quote, the broadcaster will periodically report who’s doing what, pit population attendance, # of contracts traded, fib levels, pivots, …etc. ,and of course background pit noise level. Maybe that’s the sort of stuff you’re looking for?

  5. I prolly should have mentioned this also. A squawk is overkill actually. I'm not a scalper (I do about a half dozen trades per day). I love squawk boxes but they distract me too much.

    Thanks for the input though.
    A website like briefing but forward looking would be good enough I guess.

  6. taught by one of the biggest locals in the SPOOS

    but it was shut down last month

    maybe you could email them or their principals
    to get a rec on what you are looking for

    good luck
  7. Hmmm. I think I posed my original question awkwardly. I'm not looking for tips, etc (been trading a looong time), Just like to know what's going on. Its a psychology thing with me.

    Thanks though,

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  9. Not sure if this is what you are looking for Jay but I listen to Bloomberg radio (conveniently on the internet) periodically throughout the day. They feature ongoing commentary on what the market is doing that day & why. Also interview fund managers & traders throughout the day ... works for me & I love the convenience & price (free!)
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