CNBC Europe way better than US Crud

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Bogan7, May 4, 2007.

  1. Guys why is it that the CNBC Europe coverage has very little of the cheer leader menatlity of its sister program in the US?

    I find it very informative and they get some very good regular guests that really add a lot of depth to the show.

  2. KS96


    fewer idiots in europe?
  3. same in every walk of life. europe better than us.
  4. I didnt start this thread as a US bashing vehicle just wondering why the quaility is so much better on the Europe section.
  5. Oh look, the eurotrash are awake.
  6. CNBC's Worldwide Exchange during the wee hours of the morning is very watchable similar to Bloomberg.
  7. Because they probably don't care about ratings as much. The US TV market is probably a lot larger, so they have to boost ratings.
  8. Far fewer!
  9. marky1


    I'm a brit in Europe and I find the american coverage much more entertaining. The Euro coverage is just so dull and of little value and they are late with all their news, at least the Americans have a laugh on their show. Seriously I find the European show just utter sh1te - get a decent news feed if you want news because they suck.
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    You don't understand... We don't watch it anyway.
    How gives a blue f*ck?
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