CNBC - Dollar Will be Utterly Destroyed, Global Currency, New World Order

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    Take the new world order garbage off a site for professional traders please >_< I'm not one but I'm here to learn properly and not learn about conspiracy theorists.
  2. Hey man, It was on CNBC, First in Business worldwide.

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  4. What's funny is that you guys think the speaker is nuts. Most of what he said is true - the numbers don't add up. Especially in regards to trade, global wage arbitrage, future gov't obligations.

    The "NWO" stuff"? You guys think that's where he lost his credibility - my view is that he's an optimist. He didn't mention a global war - he assumes that the world will cooperate and create a cooperative global regime without the need for a destructive war first.... LOL.

    Nope, the SHTF first. Always does.
  5. Agreed - the SHTF first....but, I am more of a pessimist! I think we will see "plagues and famine" as well as wars.

    I have said it before -
    There are three ways to resolve a debt:
    1.) Debtor pays off lender.
    2.) Debtor defaults on debt - bankruptcy.
    3.) Debtor kills lender - no more debt!

    In our present situation most of the debt is owed to the general populace. Item #3 above. Hmmm, if only the govt could control health care...they could limit health care and let people die off in some odd plague...hmmm.

    Another group that owns US debt is foreigners...they would probably want war, if the US defaulted on its debt - item #2 above

    As for item #1 above.....ROFLMAO!!!! - yeah, the check is in the mail!!! We have over $99 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Even the Federal Reserve knows we can't pay off the debt ->

  6. The other way to pay off debt is to debase currency to worth less (or worthless) and repay with deflated Dollars. "Technically", that's not a "default".
  7. LOL!!! :D Technically you are correct! Yes, the currency could be debased and the lender payed off with worthless currency...but, boy would they be angry!

    I think the debasing of the currency would be the equivalent of item #2

  8. It is the same in real terms, of course. Just "technically", it isn't. (Sort of like the girl who gives all the boys BJs, but is still a virgin... she "technically" hasn't had sex yet.... and Clinton-Lewinski, of course.)

    That's the same trick the government will pull on Boomer SS recipients. They'll get their check, but it will take all of it to buy a bag of groceries. When the retired complain, the government will say, "Hey, you got your money... STFU!"

    "gastropod" = stomach-foot?

    You have some biology education or just like the term?
  9. You are thinking WAY to highly of my name :D There was a Simpsons episode where Burns and Smithers are walking through the nuclear power plant. Burns sees Homer and says something like, "Smithers, who is that gastropod?" Smithers responds something like, "Um, sir that is Homer Simpson - sector 7G" So, yes you are correct - stomach with foot/feet is a good description - LOL!

    Main point - Homer isn't a "small" guy - neither am I ;-)

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