CNBC-: Dollar is "Absolutely Doomed"

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    CNBC-: Dollar is "Absolutely Doomed"

    With promises of more U.S. government intervention, we are going to be in a situation of hyperinflation and a dollar that is absolutely doomed, warns Kirby Daley, senior strategist at the Newedge Group. Daley & Dodge Dorland, CIO at Landor Capital Management
  2. USD against what? GBP? EUR? :cool:
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  4. Perhaps he should read up on M1 velocity.
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    US dollar isn't doomed, it's just overvalued versus other currencies.

    but all currencies fiat money is doomed for inflation as history shows.

    it's like whose paper is worth more.

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    That's so 2007
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    Paper currencies are just a big ugly contest.

    In a race between USD, GBP and EUR:

    At this stage, GBP looks like the "winner", because the govt is doing the most to encourage / force the banks to lend.

    USD is probably next, because Fed Funds are at zero, and QE is in place.

    EUR is probably the least ugly; interest rates are above zero, and some member countries have economies that are doing better than the US and the UK.

    Meanwhile, gold is a currency that is no one's liability.
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    in the long run inflation is a given.

    FED and economic ministers need to increase money supply to equal GDP or assets.

    you can't have an economy with more assets than money supply.

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    gold is not a currency but an asset like real estate or any asset or goods and services in the economy.

    the more gold there is the more money needed.

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    Do they EVER learn? That's how we got this mess started... Gummint forcing banks to lend to non-qualified borrowers, especially minorities.
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