CNBC doesn't realize the extent of cheerleading

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  1. Taking a long weekend, not trading, just kicking back.

    These morons on CNBC talking about how "resilient" this market is, only down 125 pts. That's like saying it's only expected to be 105 in Death Valley instead of 120! It's hot no matter what spin is put on it.

    Osorico :)
  2. Did you hear mark hains and erin burnett this am? Holy shit, they're unreal. Lets just report the facts.

    It's like they report from a bubble that's on loopback.

    This doesn't mean I wouldn't take burnett to the bone yard; hains is outta the question though.
  3. If they stick to the facts, CNBC would be another Bloomberg. Which can get pretty dry sometime.

    No self-respecting man wouldn't take Erin to his yard.:D
  4. as a trader you need to be able to make $$$ money in all market conditions, bull, bear, sideways market volatility.
  5. Why are you wasting time watching the Stooges? Just turn it off.
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    Bloomberg TV has been excellent through this market event.
  7. Just when you finished reading Bloomberg for couple of years; You will find it always filled with entertainingly rumors as well.

    The games will be played at different field and level at all the time.

    Good Trading all
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    I wonder if she keeps her yard well trimmed... :D
  9. Not a bad idea..
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