CNBC Daily Trivia Question Answer Key

Discussion in 'Trading' started by StLouisTrader, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Possibly some of you have also entered the CNBC fantasy portfolio competiton. If anyone's interested, I plan to post the daily answer to the trivia question to win $2k squakbucks. I didn't catch it today, anyone willing to share today's answer?

  2. 1.8%
  3. CONR


    The contest sucks because it's like trading a mutual fund.
  4. had an order to buy aapl after the bell yesterday, so im going to get the closing price today. Gayyyyyyyy
  5. Dustin


    Agreed, worst trading contest ever.
  6. whats the answer for today??
  7. Today's answer is Washington Mutual
  8. thx
  9. WA MU
  10. Tunes


    Missed fridays answer, anybody? which co. has a new way to make you watch commericals?

    #10     Apr 7, 2006