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  1. I hope she realizes she wont get a million dollars but a pittance of annual payments,,,

    CNBC really is cheap.
  2. "Williams, 46, has been a waitress for 20 years and was a welder before that. She has never bought or sold a real stock in her life. In fact, she says she never even paid much attention to the markets before signing up for the challenge. Yet Williams has already bested thousands of financial professionals who entered the contest with Ivy League degrees and complex trading models. "Part of this was luck," she says. "A lot of it was a gut feeling, some eenie-meenie-minie-moe, and common sense.""
  3. The fineprint...

    "There's no guarantee that Williams will win the contest's grand prize, of course. CNBC, which announced June 15 that it had hired Stanley Sporkin, a former Securities & Exchange enforcement chief and federal judge, as well as computer firms Symantec (NasdaqGS:SYMC - News) and Neohapsis to investigate allegations of wrongdoing, has said it aims to announce a winner by July 8 (see, 6/15/07, "CNBC Calls In a Judge"). But CNBC won't rush its probe to meet that deadline. If one or more of the contestants ahead of her in the final standings are cleared, Williams will remain a runner-up -- and there is no cash prize for anyone but the top finisher."
  4. Is this the person who had like 10 screen names there?
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    what a stoooopid contest, just throw names and a hat and pick one out.
  6. What do you expect from CNBC these days?
  7. Hilarious. That's the town where I grew up. Population about 5K.
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    one of the winnders was tim sykes who managed to parlay (sp?) it into a book deal
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    you stole my post idea!

    I was about to mention I wonder when the next book's coming out about "How I won the CNBC contest with eenie meenie minie moe and common sense"

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