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  1. I just find it funny they have SPNG commercials going in full is a BS penny stock. So in a way they are pumping penny stocks. Just wondering others thoughts on it.

  2. BUMP
  3. They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel to get money these days.
    What about that guy who looks like a pedophile and boasts of clearly fraudulent trading results -zylog something. Obviously they still think there are some brain dead American out there that need their last few dollars stolen from them.
  4. Media is dying. Hell, the free Motor Trend magazines that litter my mailbox are full of "male enhancement" advertisements now. It's only a matter of time until we see Maria Bartiromo hawking Enzyte and Michael "Waxie" Parness' trading system.
  5. The cheesiest is either Gorilla Trades or the new, low budget one, with the CEO shouting VOL-A-TIL-I-TEE.

    There's a lot of cheese to choose from.
  6. That reminds me I swear I heard a
    commercial the other day start with

    "When I can't sleep at night, I trade S&P futures"

    Would be laughable, but it does describe the guy at the desk next to me...
  7. What a joke CNBC is......I just found out that this garbage was halted....I saw it coming the very first day I saw this commercial. Seirously....Who can sell that many sponges. CNBC should be paraded for there integral journalism.


    P.S. The us Open was blaring this trash as one of there premier advertisers. Sounds like a lot of people will go to jail over this.
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    The whole damn financial press is an advertisement. Wake up.
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    CNBC is a whoring PR firm who will promote anybody with a pay check.

    Take a look at the evidence against SPNG (link attached) and don't think CNBC was not notified on who they were doing business with. then again, they still pay Jim Cramer.
  10. Cramer's mentally ill -give the guy a break.
    He needs our compassion, not judgement...
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