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  1. I have been watching both Bloomberg and CNBC for sometime now, FBN is a complete joke in my opinion. I have noticed that Bloomberg US seems to more exaggerated and yet more boring than Bloomberg Asia and Europe. Bloomberg US focus only on US financial markets, while Bloomberg International shows world news and how it relates to geopolitics as well as how the financial markets are impacted. CNBC World seems to be poorly funded and tawdry, but it doesn't break any news which is way I watch it a lot less. In my opinion the only reason I watch CNBC US to begin with is that it breaks tradeable news, no other network has the same impact on the market period. What do you prefer CNBC or Bloomberg?
  2. CNBC is all noise and fluff. It's entertainment. Bloomberg is an improvement, but it seems there is an agenda behind every story. You can say that about every news organization I suppose.
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    All CNBC puts on are liberal, twit economists offering their douche bag opinions on our financial system. Fox Business News is way better, as they offer view points from both sides on a more broader scale.
  4. I actually love watching CNBC world and squawk box europe as the europeans speak a lot more about the fx markets. Plus the dynamic of that show is very good. The straight face no nonsense host, the geeky american guy, the hot head Steve Sedgwick and then the token female ( I actually know Louisa) But they have guests who actually arent all loud and boorish and quite frankly know what they are talking about. It is a very informative show.
  5. FBN is complete Murdoch style propaganda with all flash no substance. No media network shows both sides, but FBN is trying to appeal too hard to businessmen in the redneck states honestly, FBN has LOWER RATINGS THAN CNBC WORLD. FOXBusiness now has greater distribution than Bloomberg and CNBC World, but still has lower ratings, in fact it is the lowest rated cable network in the USA.
  6. J J aapl

    J J aapl

    I got 10 words for you...

    Becky Quick
    Erin Burnett
    Trish Regan
    Melissa Francis
    Maria Bartiromo

    I don't know if I could get through the day without those ladies :D
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    Sitting here in the USA:

    CNBC-US is a joke. Lots of hype, glitz, cheesy special effects, screaming, talking-over each other, and the infernal Octabox. It's an absolute joke. It's ESPN for the stock market. Besides, they are not 24-hours -- they really gear themselves for the 'investors' who only think the stock markets are open from 0930-1600 New York time. (WTF would I want to watch 'Deal or No Deal' as Asia opens?)

    CNBC-WORLD, when I manage to see it, looks more balanced, quiet, informative, and useful. The fact they don't do all the sound effects and graphical trickery on their charts right away tells me they're more committed to providing information than entertainment like their US counterpart. Their international flavour is quite refreshing too. Night and day difference from CNBC-US.

    BLOOMBERG is where I land for business news. Sure, it may be 'boring' but I don't want interesting for business news -- I want information I can use and/or learn from, and not just pretty packaging. Plus they are 24-hours, unlike CNBC-US.

    FOX BIZ I've only seen a few times but it just seems geared toward the Oprah crowd (or novice retailers) than traders or serious long-term investors.

    My 2 cents.
  8. All you need to know about CNBC (U.S.):

    Carmen Wong Ulrich
    Jim Cramer
    The Octagon of Noise
  9. They move stocks. Hate them, but they move stocks.
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    echoing what has been said:

    fox business is ridiculously terrible. doesn't deserve to be on air. they even stated during their opening months that they didn't want people who day traded, OR people who knew things about the stock market (i think their ad mocked cnbc talking about libor). target audience: people who get excited about having 100 share of CSCO, or have a hissy fit when their 401k goes down in a quarter.

    cnbc u.s. is better than fox, but that's like seeing better than the man who poked his eyes out. they periodically balance the people who know what they're doing (see cashin and santelli; and i know rick's not a trader, but he has SOME clue) with people who should be on fox for utter cluelessness (kneale). it's gotten worse, believe it or not, since they've encouraged confrontations between their staffers (see gasbag). btw, cnbc periodically poaches staffers from bloomberg, but then changes their reporting style to more suit cnbc.

    i have cnbc on, and would have it on even if bloomberg were offered on my system. occasionally faber will report something, occasionally some dopey analyst will pump a junky stock that i can fade, but mainly i keep it on in the background. i DO however shut it off between 12 and 2 because of dennis kneale. and i've seen some of their cnbc specials, which appear well done.

    bloomberg is the 'best' for biz news, but there's plenty of room for them to improve. it's nowhere near as flashy, but i wouldn't want flash in my biz program.
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